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Friday the 13th Victim, Chelsea

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Despite the critical drubbing it received upon its release on February 13, , Platinum Dunes' reboot of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise proved to be the highest-grossing horror remake of all-time. In what plays more like a best-of album rather than an outright remake, Friday the 13th follows a bevy of dimwitted, hard-partying teenagers who retreat to Camp Crystal Lake for a summer getaway. Once there, however, they're systematically slaughtered, one by one, by the homicidal, hockey-masked manchild Jason Voorhees. The internet went crazy over the announcement, which included the unofficial title The Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie. Unfortunately, a few days later Tarantino publicly debunked the rumor, claiming that he while he did meet with New Line to discuss helming the project, talks ultimately broke off without a deal.

Friday the 13th

It is a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series , which began in , and is the twelfth installment. The film was originally conceived as an origin story , but the project evolved into a re-imagining of the first four Friday the 13th films. The character Jason Voorhees was redesigned as a lean, quick killer with a backstory that allows the viewer to feel sympathy for him, but not enough that he would lose his menace.
Chelsea accompanies Trent Sutton to his summer home near "Crystal Lake". Chelsea asks Trent and Jenna if they want to join them to go to the lake. Chelsea does not notice that Nolan is behind her silently telling Trent and Jenna to say no because of his desire to spend some alone time with Chelsea. They both say no, but Trent advises Nolan to not use the yacht.