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Vivienne Westwood, the off-piste punk of New Wave fashion, had worked in a factory, as a teacher, and a jeweller before she exploded onto the public scene after infamously outfitting a number of punk bands, including the Sex Pistols and Viv Albertine of The Slits. The boutique defined and sold the sado-masichistic inspired punk look of the s and 80s. The interior was decorated with red carpets, rubber walls, chickenwire, and graffiti from the SCUM Manifesto. Much like punk, SEX didn't last long. Westwood and Mclaren would change the name and the decor of the shop with every new collection. In the shop was re-branded as the Worlds End.

9 Facts About Vivienne Westwood

9 Facts About Vivienne Westwood — Google Arts & Culture

I n , punk was exploding across London. In my first week, two of the New York Dolls came in for a browse. It was my dream job. I wanted to turn myself into a work of art.

Untold Stories from Vivienne Westwood's Fashion Legacy

It specialised in clothing that defined the look of the punk movement. From to , No. The shop-front corrugated iron frontage was painted black with the name pasted in pink lettering. The interior was given period detail, such as "Odeon" wallpaper and Festival of Britain trinkets. Bespoke tailored drape jackets, skin-tight trousers and thick-soled " brothel creepers " shoes were the mainstays.
When Vivienne Westwood first began designing clothes in with the opening of her first boutique in London, Let it Rock, she would change the name of her store every time she unveiled a new collection. By , Westwood renamed her shop Sex and alongside her then-boyfriend and business partner Malcolm McLaren, she ushered in modern punk to the fashion mainstream. The grand dame of British design began dressing infamous punk group the Sex Pistols while McLaren served as their manager, subverting establishment norms and launching an artistic movement in the process. Westwood: Punk. Her meticulous nature serves as a reoccurring theme, as well as her fanaticism for inspiring political change through art.