Venezuelan women

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CNN is committed to covering gender inequality wherever it occurs in the world. It is part of As Equals , an ongoing series. Click here for more stories from the As Equals series. In , she lost her job at a fruit shop and could no longer feed her three young children, all under the age of five. With government subsidized food growing scarcer and more expensive, Ochoa didn't even bother seeking government aid. Instead, after a short stint living with her mother, with whom she had a troubled relationship, she set her sights on moving to Colombia, where people advised she might find work and a friend had offered to host her.

A dollar for sex: Venezuela's women tricked and trafficked

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Women in Venezuela

But, now with the pandemic, we are in limbo, we are stuck in Colombia , and hungry again. We have gone from one crisis to another. An estimated 4. And as refugees, it is women who have been the most vulnerable to labour and sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence. The backbone working class marched out of Venezuela largely on foot, their worldly possessions stuffed into black bin liners or rolled behind them in suitcases, travelling along arterial roads and highways to cross the borders — legally and illegally — into countries now shouldering the crisis.
Humanitarian crises are never gender neutral, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is no exception. Conflicts inherently affect women and men differently, and the Venezuelan crisis has had significant impacts on female Venezuelans inside and outside the country. Although girls and women have been disproportionately affected, little has been done to deliberately address gender-specific issues. From higher levels of unemployment than men to poor access to education and health services, women often find themselves in disadvantaged positions in Venezuela. Historically, most Venezuelan women have worked within the home.