Slamming head on desk gif

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Slam Head On Desk

Anime Gif Hitting Head

Sometimes, a GIF can capture an emotion in a single moving image better than an hour-long rant ever could. Since the last thing you want to do when you're seething is to scour Tumblr for that one where that guy throws that thing , it's always helpful to have a collection of reaction GIFs handy. So, for every time someone doesn't hold the elevator door, every time your best friend bails at the last minute, every time you had a bad day and it feels like Daniel Powter is singing directly to you , we've got you covered. Image courtesy of Tumblr, shoot4thestarsabove. Image courtesy of Tumblr, xyphate. Image courtesy of Tumblr, sevanderslice.

25 Rage GIFs That Perfectly Express Your Anger

In , American scholar William Taubman reported that he had interviewed some eyewitnesses who said that Khrushchev had brandished his shoe but not banged it. He also reported that no photographic or video records of the shoe-banging had been found. On 12 October , head of the Filipino delegation Lorenzo Sumulong referred to "the peoples of Eastern Europe and elsewhere which have been deprived of the free exercise of their civil and political rights and which have been swallowed up, so to speak, by the Soviet Union". There he demonstratively, in a theatrical manner, brushed Sumulong aside, with an upward motion of his right arm—without physically touching him—and began a lengthy denunciation of Sumulong, branding him among other things as "a jerk, a stooge, and a lackey", and a " toady of American imperialism " [13] and demanded Assembly President Frederick Boland Ireland call Sumulong to order. Boland did caution Sumulong to "avoid wandering out into an argument which is certain to provoke further interventions", but permitted him to continue speaking and sent Khrushchev back to his seat.
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