Sex and football

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It was hardly the type of love being discussed in regard to El Tri in the weeks leading up to the tournament. As anticipation among the people of Mexico built earlier this month, a controversial sex story radically changed the discussion—and left a nation in fear that its national team players were more interested in what they could do with their private parts than their feet. Talk of team tactics and exciting young players who could take the tournament by surprise were suddenly muted. Gossip magazine TV Notas revealed photographs and details of how eight members of the squad had attended a party with escorts in Mexico City following a warm-up victory over Scotland. It was a scandal. Most of them have families and are married men.

How Much Sex Do Footballers Need at the World Cup?

The virtual sex scandals in the world of football - BeSoccer

They beat Bulgaria and Greece, only narrowly lost to Argentina, and went on to face Italy in the knockouts. A 25th minute goal had them on the brink of the next stage, only for Roberto Baggio to famously take the game by the scruff of the neck with a late equaliser then the extra-time winner. It was a heartbreaking end to their maiden appearance. Watch Foxtel in an instant.

Nigeria star blames sex for ruining incredible 1998 World Cup campaign

When I read the tabloid stories about Wayne Rooney sleeping with prostitutes in Liverpool this summer, I was shocked. Not so much that he had cheated on his pretty young girlfriend, Coleen - after all, he is a famous footballer and a millionaire: what do you expect? What surprised me was that he hadn't just cheated on her with any one of the willing groupies he was likely to meet. And I should know: for three years I was one of them. In , when I was 18, I went on holiday with a big group of friends to Ayia Napa.
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