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Every year, 12 million girls under 18 are married. Child marriage is a serious human rights violation and harmful practice that occurs across the globe. Now, she shares her story of how she was sold into marriage and forced to share a bed with an older man she had never met before. Warning: This story contains content that may be disturbing for some readers. At age 15, Latifa became a child bride to a man 20 years older than her.

She was an American child bride. Now, Genevieve is fighting to stop it from happening to others.

'After the wedding, fear set in': a Yemeni child bride's story | Women | The Guardian

But there was one thing she said she knew for sure. She was 15, and he was It was a spring morning in Jackson, Mississippi, in When the judge started officiating, it finally felt real. Scant data exists on the severity of the problem, but Meyer's story is one of the thousands of cases of child marriage in the United States. Only recently, she told NBC News, has she felt able to share her experience as a child bride in America, a country where such marriages are common but underreported — and take steps toward advocacy work that could help other children. Legal loopholes at the federal and state levels have allowed forced and arranged marriages to continue, lawmakers and activists fighting to end the practice say.

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India's Supreme Court has struck down a legal clause that permits men to have sex with their underage wives. The clause, which was part of India's law on rape, said intercourse between a man and his wife was permissible as long as she was over 15 years of age. The legal age of consent and marriage in India is 18 but marital rape is not considered an offence.
A sk Noora Al Shami about her wedding day and she remembers the childish delight of an year-old girl playing at being an adult. She was thrilled at friends and family gathering for a three-day party in the Yemeni port city of Al Hudaydah, miles west of the capital city of Sana'a. There were traditional singers and dancers, with one musician performing love songs to the backing of a traditional oud, a pear-shaped stringed instrument. Food including spiced lamb and rice was plentiful, and the little girl wore "three really beautiful dresses" — two green and one white — for each day of the celebrations. The assailant was Mohammed Al Ahdam, a distant cousin who was well into his 30s when he married Noora in , just after her 11th birthday.