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Julianne Nicholson as Dr. And they both begin with the same conceit: an ambitious woman applies to be the secretary for a powerful man who never cracks a smile and ascends the corporate ladder. But the two share little in common. Virginia charms her way to the top; Peggy turns off her superior, clients and employees with her intensity.

Lillian DePaul

'Masters of Sex': Forget Masters and Johnson, Focus on DePaul and Johnson - The Atlantic

But really, in a TV landscape where non-competitive, Bechdel-compliant friendships are rare, they are — ugh, were — a pretty remarkable pair. Farewell, Lillian. But not everyone can be as graceful as Lillian, and Libby, in particular, seems to have gone off the damn rails. Is she suffering from postpartum depression? Did she learn the truth about Bill and Virginia and have some sort of breakdown? Seriously, Libby, get your shit together.

'Masters of Sex': Forget Masters and Johnson, Focus on DePaul and Johnson

This article is from the archive of our partner. And in "Giants," which aired last night, it makes the case that Virginia's relationship with Lillian DePaul is as potent as her relationship with Bill Masters. Julianne Nicholson's performance as Lillian has always been an underrated highlight of this show, and "Giants" feels like something of a culmination for her. But the episode's two strongest scenes come when Virginia negotiates her partnerships with Lillian and Bill.
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