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Darryle Hamlin was born on the 25th of May, , in the United States. He does not reveal a lot about his childhood, early years and relatives. He has been gaming ever since his childhood. Now he is a professional and very successful e-sport player, competitor and a winner. He started gaming with The Call of Duty.

How tall is t. s. m. hamlinz?

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Professional streamer and Fortnite player Hamlinz is much more than a funny personality. So what allowed Hamlinz to explode in popularity and how did he end up on one of the more infamous Fortnite teams? Currently, TSM Hamlinz seems to be away dealing with some family issues. However, while he is gone is the perfect time to study up on what makes him such a force to be reckoned with. Until he returns to the Streaming world, at which point we will make sure to update his schedule below.

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Hamlinz has over k subscribers on YouTube and over 1. His Fortnite gameplay has bolstered his popularity, launching him into streamer success over the course of According to fortnitemaster.
Darryle is commonly known for being "sus" and reacting to YouTube videos. Even though he only has one video before Fortnite, which is Runescape, Hamlinz only had 20 subscribers and didn't get at least 1 view a day before doing Fortnite. His growth on YouTube because of Fortnite is late, but thanks to it, he is now getting rapid success and gains nearly 10, subscribers everyday thanks to Fortnite and also TSM collabs.