Hardcore guitar riffs

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The 10 best riffs of all time, according to Cancer Bats’ Scott Middleton

The 10 best riffs of all time | Louder

I even bought the cassette single. I still do everything else left-handed, but I play guitar right-handed, and I owe that to Angus Young. The riff for Wherever I May Roam is so huge. I must have sat down and played that main riff over and over and over again. That was one of the great things about Metallica; they had such good riffs that were fun to learn. Wherever I May Roam was one of the first riffs I learned.

Top 12 Best Post-Hardcore / Metalcore Guitar Riffs Ever

Drawing upon a corpus analysis of recordings by Bad Brains, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, and Minor Threat, the article begins by outlining the main ways in which guitar riffs are structured. There are four main types, which are defined by the location of repetition within the riff at the beginning or at the end and whether the type of repetition is exact or altered: 1 Initial Repetition and Contrast, 2 Statement and Terminal Repetition, 3 Statement and Terminal Alteration, and 4 Model and Sequential Repetition. These schemes may also play an expressive role in song narratives of energy, intensity, and aggression, all of which are common tropes in oral histories of hardcore.
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