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Top definition. A list of 5 celebrities who, should the opportunity arise , one is allowed to sleep with without it being considered as cheating by your significant other. Chandler : Does anyone else think David Copperfield is cute? Monica: No, but he told me he thinks you're a fox.

The infamous sexual 'freebie' list

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Jo Usmar already knows what happens when you meet a celeb you fancy…. Even people that profess to hate Friends liars have heard of the one where the characters name the top five celebs that they're allowed to sleep with should they ever meet them. Yep, regardless of whether they're in a relationship or not, should Brad Pitt wander past they can have at him. Their weeping and star struck partner be damned. Interestingly though or not, really Brad Pitt isn't on most people's list anymore. I can only imagine this is down to that terrible six months when he grew his hair and beard and started channelling his inner bin forager.

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You may not recognise the name, but the idea is pretty well known thanks to Friends and very simple to grasp. Some may even call it a wholesome family Saturday night game. Anyway, back to our lists.
In Los Angeles, Annie and Darren are a married couple in a comfortable relationship that's lost its spark. They talk constantly, express affection verbally, start the day with high-end coffee, end the afternoon with gelato, shop at the farmer's market, prepare dinner as a team, do crossword puzzles, and talk in bed. Darren wonders if a one-night stand would help bring more sex to their marriage. Soon, the two of them are laying out the ground rules and talking through the mechanics of each finding a lover for one night. They agree to give each other no details about the experience.