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It has been a while since we have heard of Dance with Devils, an anime that rocked last year. And why not? We girls like to dream about having at least one great man as a mysterious companion on an adventure. And if such man fancies us, the better. But if you are a little undecided on your favorite type of guy, a display of several male personalities can help consider your options. And if you are a fan of everything gothic, Dance with Devils had to be on your view list.

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The female protagonist, Nanami Kamisama Kiss is a high school girl like Ritsuka, and she gets involved with supernatural creatures who also happened to be handsome young men interested in her romantically they are devils. The main heroine, Nanami, becomes a land god after getting kissed on the forehead by a stranger she had saved. So-called home is, in fact, a shrine — filled with shrine spirits and a pretty familiar, a fox yokai named Tomoe. They end up being protected by a strong male lead with a clear romantic motive. The story revolves around princess Yona facing the harsh realities of the kingdom Kouka. After the sudden murder of her father and the king preceded by the betrayal of her beloved cousin, she is forced to escape with her childhood friend Son Hak.

6 Anime Like Dance with Devils [Recommendations]

Keep in mind the list is in no particular order. Enjoy the recommendations. Yui Komori used to see dead people. Because it turns out that her own history is very different from what she thought it was, and she has a very different kind of family waiting for her. Source: Sentai Filmworks.
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