Amputation sex

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Three little letters arranged in such a way to make most humans blush. Why is something so human so awkward to discuss? Hopefully, this PG-rated article can get that point across. The desire for physical touch is referred to as skin hunger. When an individual does not have physical intimacy with another person for an extended period of time, it can affect his or her mood and mental health.


Acrotomophilia - Wikipedia

It is a counterpart to apotemnophilia , the sexual interest in being an amputee. Acrotomophiles may enjoy the idea of dominating the amputee during couples play and they may also become aroused with the thought of having to take care of an amputee. In a survey of acrotomophiles, leg amputations were preferred over arm amputations, amputations of a single limb over double amputations, and amputations that left a stump over amputations that left no stump. Some people question whether amputating one's own body parts or operating on a partner for the sake of sexual pleasure is ethical.

Sex and Intimacy After Amputation

Aim: The study examined the relationships between psychological variables and sexual functioning in persons with lower limb amputations. Results: Half of all participants with lower limb amputations were not currently sexually active. Body image self-consciousness during sexual activities was the strongest predictor of sexual dysfunction.
Hence, the attachment of the muscles and ligament to the bone in these areas is attended by little stress. It is reasonable to speculate that the opposite, a lack of stress, may be a factor contributing to bone losses in these areas. These individuals can be recognized in youth because they have a more attractive face with a strong skeletal structure, as evidenced by the presence of youthful bony features that provide good support to the overlying soft tissues. They are effectively predisposed to manifest aging changes prematurely.