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We are living in an era where women try to out skinny each other to look hot. The irking size zero trend has turned out to be an obsession among many women, especially celebrities. Is it a plan to save food for the future generation? Before we start criticising the excessive shedding of weight, we should first understand that not all cases of anorexia are deliberate. Some are triggered by special conditions like we are yet to find out.

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By Ruth Styles. At just 5ft 2" tall and weighing in at 4st 3lb, Lizzie Velasquez, 24, appears worryingly thin at first glance. But her tiny frame wasn't caused by an eating disorder. Instead, it is the result of a syndrome so rare that it is shared by just two other people.

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But not all the thin people in the world intentionally subject their bodies to suffering in order to avoid hated kilos. There are those who are forced to live with a serious illness that makes them look like a victim of a concentration camp. The Romanian model assures that her lean body is a natural gift, not the result of starvation. In most interviews, she disputed rumors that her appearance was caused by food restrictions. She even said that she was trying to gain weight by leaning on high-calorie foods, such as kebabs , and was still snacking on pizza and chips.
Women are out to out skinny each other, thereby looking more attractive than the other. Body shape is one topic that can never be exhausted, you need to see the sleepless nights, and worry some people have engaged themselves in. The extent to which they are willing to go such as starvation for their desire to look slim and appealing. Alarming right?