Jason derulo dick pic

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Who won the Jellicle Choice? Was it Jennifer Hudson? While J. He, Jay-Son Derooloh, got to be Rum Tum Tugger, a fuckcat who sings all the other cats into heat and pours streams of milk down their throats, only to ditch them at their thirstiest. Jason Derulo must have a micropeen!

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Jason Derulo Penis Pic Removed By Instagram Due To 'Aroused Genitalia'

It all started early on a Friday afternoon with an Instagram post. Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo or Jaysssonnn Derrrruleeooo shared a photo of himself wearing nothing but a pair of very tight black undies, with the caption 'Good mornin''. While the year-old was pictured staring very intensely down the barrel of the camera, humans with eyes found their attention drawn to a distinctive bulge on the right side of his underwear. Thousands of people tagged each other, posted eggplant emojis, and wrote slightly creepy messages to Derulo like, 'Hello there Daddy'. Derulo posted a screenshot of an Instagram notification informing him that his photo "goes against our community guidelines". Fuk u mean?

Jason Derulo feels discriminated against because of his big peen, and... sir.

Jason Derulo did not Facetune his dick to look bigger, ladies and gentlemen. The musician has finally commented on a now-infamous recent Instagram post in which he appears shirtless and seemingly very well-endowed, wearing only tight black briefs and a couple gold chains. That bulge?
Well, well, well. I have underwear on Nevertheless, here we are. Sometime yesterday, Jason took to Insta to put all thirst traps to shame.