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Skip to content. Skip to navigation. To implement this strategy and reach men, programs need information about AGYW's potential sexual partners at the local level. Male sexual partners of AGYW who took the survey were diverse in age, education level, and socioeconomic status. Older AGYW focus group participants sought partners who could provide for them financially.

Multiple sexual partners among U.S. adolescents and young adults

Multiple sexual partners among U.S. adolescents and young adults

The de-identified individual datasets used in this analysis are easily and widely accessible, through a suite of datasets and accompanying documentation. Some interventions, including voluntary HIV counselling and testing and circumcision, will be targeted at the male sexual partners of AGYW. Median ages of spousal and non-spousal partners were 29 and 23 years respectively in uMkhanyakude rural South Africa and 21 and 20 years respectively in Nairobi urban Kenya. Two thirds of male partners in Gem reported testing for HIV in the past 6 months and under half in uMkhanyakude reported testing for HIV in the past year. AGYW who have unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple sexual partners are at higher risk of acquiring HIV [ 2 , 3 ].

How Multiple Sex Partners Shows Teen Risky Behavior

In Part 1 , we looked at the components of sexual readiness. The following are common reasons why people choose to have sex. Some are specific to young people, while others may be found at all age levels. For one, there are many ways to experience physical pleasure that do not involve having sex.
It probably comes as no surprise that teenagers and young adults who have multiple sexual partners are significantly more likely to develop substance abuse disorders than those who have not had sex with more than one person. What may surprise you is that this is more true for females than it is for males. But, that is exactly what research tells us. One of the largest studies of multiple sexual partners and substance abuse was conducted at the University of Maryland by Donna E.