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World Naked Gardening Day rolls around every year on the first Saturday in May, and this international outdoor holiday is not for the bashful. Gardening, for most of us, is in large part utilitarian — we transplant and weed and water, trim and deadhead, mow and sow to create that perfect look. We garden to eat, to fill empty spaces, to create a calming and restorative oasis that we can relax in and enjoy, or even to impress the neighbors. But gardening is really about sex. Yup, those are sex organs, luscious and fragrant, calling to the bees and the butterflies to do their thing. They happily flit about to sip nectar and pollinate , spreading the love around and making magic, setting off a spark that produces ripe, heavy, and delicious fruit, bursting with seeds.

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A post shared by Anne Kalliola photo. An apple a day on worldnakedgardeningday. So… Andrew and I have decided to invest in some body doubles for today worldnakedgardeningday and all our other general nude gardening scenes! And safe to come back to our feed.

World Naked Gardening Day

A Far North Queensland couple whose World Naked Gardening Day photos have gone viral say they have their friends to thank for getting them into the event and pushing them to up the ante every year. Wil Kemp and Melanie Meaglia wore nothing but hats and shoes in a series of cheeky photos in their Cairns backyard using cleverly placed props, including a large pet python. Days on from the event, which encourages people to tend to their gardens in the buff, the couple's album has been shared more than , times on Facebook. Mr Kemp said he and Ms Meaglia were known to be "pretty outgoing" and their friends suggested they get involved in World Naked Gardening Day four years ago. Mr Kemp said he was stunned to wake up to a text message from a friend the morning after posting the photos saying they were taking off.
While the phenomenon quickly spread internationally, little investment has been made by its founders. They helped create a website early on, and then receded into the background. They intended that the idea of an introduction to clothes freedom through gardening was valuable and would grow organically on its own.