Minecraft mob talker fanfiction

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Original Chapter. Next Commentated Chapter. Yes, I did research on these Japanese words. He meets these girls and thinks hes in Heaven, but soon discovers these girls are not what they seem. The girls are the Princesses of each Mob and there not Human. Can he find a way back home and stay alive?

Minecraft Mob Talker Girls Ep1

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She shrunk herself to show that her sleeves barely overlap her hands. Come on then. I Built a somewhat Staircase in the Ice cliff so if you slip thats my bad. He kicked the wall behind him and a spiral Staircase is revealed. In the middle was a pillar of ice.

Talking (Ender Dragon)

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By LooneyRaccoonus Watch. But what I do remember is waking up on a beach, I was awoken by a chicken pecking my face. Little bastard. After shooing it away, I stood up on the beach and looked at my surroundings. I was on a island maybe, a huge Island.