Long after starting birth control can you have unprotected sex

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Updated on December 18, You finally got your first batch of birth control pills from Pandia Health in the mail. If you are not already signed up to receive your birth control pills with FREE delivery from Pandia Health, join today! How quickly your birth control method starts working depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle when it is introduced to your body.

How soon are you safe after starting birth control pills

Can you get pregnant while on the pill: 5 ways it can happen

Sexual and Reproductive Health. The pill is taken every day to prevent pregnancy. They stop the ovaries from releasing an egg. When the pack is done, start a new pack the next day. Your period should stop in a few days.

What birth control methods take the shortest and longest time to work?

The Ohio State University. Q : I was previously on birth control for almost 2 years and in the middle of April I stopped taking birth control pills. At the begining of June I started back on birth control again. Is it safe to have protected sex now with just the pill and without using another form of birth control, or do I have to wait an entire month after starting on birth control? A : You will be protected from getting pregnant after 7 days of consistent use of birth control pills.
The time it takes for birth control to start working depends on the method. Some are effective at once, while others can take several months. Barrier methods, such as condoms, work immediately when used correctly, while birth control pills may take several days to start working.