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Legos and lip gloss. Jungle gyms and Justin Bieber. In the course of an hour, your kid has crawled onto your lap for a snuggle, rolled her eyes and sighed at the last three things you've said, played dress-up with her dolls, and tried to convince you that it's okay for her to start wearing mascara. It may seem like just yesterday that she was taking off the training wheels, losing her first tooth, and learning her ABCs, but in today's warp-speed world she's somehow teetering on the cusp of her 'tween years. The term 'tween used to mean kids just shy of their actual teens — that is, to year-olds.

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One of the scariest moments of my parenting existence was the day my tween daughter asked if she could hop aboard the social media train. I mean, it made sense. At this point, half of her class had followed me on Instagram, and some of my youngest daughter's friends were also liking posts, Snapchatting away and lip syncing to Justin Bieber songs on Musical. Am I the only uncool mom who is so terrified of cyberbullying and child predators that I want to lock my daughter in a bubble and hide her away from social media until she is 18? As a freelance writer, a huge part of what I do is social media content; not only to promote my own business, but that of my clients as well.

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Got a child who still seems little to you but is suddenly acting like a mini teenager? This age group, which usually describes kids ages 9 to 12, is better known as the tweens. From shyness to independence, from baby fat to puberty, this can be a wildly exciting and tumultuous time of life for you and your tween.
In: Tween. Recently, my year old daughter and I stopped by Starbucks to pick up a treat before heading to a long evening of dance classes. I placed my order and then stepped aside for my daughter to place hers.