Hypnotized to be gay

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Neil, the erotic hypnotist , is one of the top search results when you search "erotic hypnosis" on Google. Neil works full time as a hypnotist, with some of his days devoted to the art of erotic hypnosis. He caters to a wide audience with his non-erotic hypnosis, and mostly caters to gay men for his more risque stuff. We recently met at a coffee shop near my office to discuss the specifics of hypnosis What made you interested in hypnosis? Hypnosis has always interested me.

An Erotic Hypnotist Can Make You Orgasm Just by Touching Your Wrist

The Effects of Hypnotherapy on Homosexuality

When it comes to sex, all guys are different. Some want it round the clock. Others want to consistently explore. But it's easy to fall into a rut where sex seems boring and repetitive. To keep things interesting you need to rekindle your desire, reignite the passion, and spice it up again. You can learn to do all of that in just a matter of hours - with help from hypnosis.

Hypnosis and holy water: Russian 'cures' for gay people

I cant stress this enough! DM me and reblog if interested. My holiday package from Double Scorpio arrived today! My Holly Jolly Hypnosis sessions are going to be extra festive this year. There have been a lot of asks and messages lately on this same topic so I will take a moment to address this issue in public and as plainly as I can.
Fifteen homosexuals were treated with hypnosis. The patients were selected from a general psychiatric practice and had a long history of confirmed homosexual behaviour and showed no evidence of organic or psychotic illness. The type of hypnotic induction attempted in all cases is described. In those where a satisfactory depth of hypnotic trance was achieved a change in sexual orientation was suggested to the patient. Before therapy, each patient was assessed using the Kinsey scale.