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In Hinduism the role of females is strictly defined and tied closely to the almost live lasting goal of childbearing. Religiously, through the unity of man and woman the circle of life samsara in Hinduism stays in motion. On the other hand, women have a spiritual importance because of their fertility but are recognized as mothers in this concept only. In the ancient texts the Ramayana, the Puranas, and the Mahabharata, female characters function as role models of feminine behavior and their expectations towards motherhood are displayed in the Indian society again today. In the modern Indian state a strong emphasis in law, governmental programs, and politics is put on the female as a mother, and traditional values seem to be re-vitalized.

Indian concepts on sexuality

Ratirahasya - Wikipedia

India is a vast country depicting wide social, cultural and sexual variations. Indian concept of sexuality has evolved over time and has been immensely influenced by various rulers and religions. Indian sexuality is manifested in our attire, behavior, recreation, literature, sculptures, scriptures, religion and sports. It has influenced the way we perceive our health, disease and device remedies for the same. In modern era, with rapid globalization the unique Indian sexuality is getting diffused.

The revival of ancient Hindu values towards female sexuality

Many Hindus believe that sensual pleasure is one of the four legitimate goals to be sought in life. Kama includes sexual pleasure and sex is considered a good thing to be enjoyed, but within certain boundaries. Self-control is an important aspect of Hindu teachings. During the second ashrama , sexual activity in a loving and committed relationship is actually encouraged. This is because having children is viewed as an important part of life and also because kama is a valid aim in life.
Kokkoka describes himself in the book as siddha patiya pandita , i. Unlike the Kama Sutra , which is an ancient sex manual related to Hindu literature , Ratirahasya deals with medieval Indian society. A sex manual was needed that would be suitable for the medieval cultural climate, and Ratirahasya was written, quite different from the ancient text Kama Sutra. There are fifteen pachivedes chapters and verses in Ratirahasya which deal with various topics such as different physiques, lunar calendar , different types of genitals , characteristics of women of various ages, hugs , kisses , sexual intercourse and sex positions , sex with a strange woman, etc. Ratirahasya is the first book to describe in detail Indian feminine beauty.