Eyeless jack x reader lemon

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Kissing him forcefully, you pulled him into the shower, causing him to almost trip and fall on top of you. You blushed as you soon realized that he somehow had cut your shirt and bra off. You glared at him the best you could, considering that he was still talking against the tender skin of your neck, not actually looking at you. I can't

eyeless Jack x reader lemon

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Sexy times ahead You lay awake in your bed, waiting for sleep to overcome you. You lived alone, and the noises that would come with nighttime scared you to no end. You would stay awake for hours, just waiting for any other sign of an intruder. This night was no different. You'd stay awake, but once you determined no one was there you fell asleep. And you almost had, Until you heard the unmistakable sound of your window creaking open. Your heart stopped, your mind now on alert.

Animal [Eyeless Jack x Reader !LEMON!]

You slept soundly in those pristine white duvets of yours, nary a worry in the world. All the windows and doors were locked shut, residents more than aware of the existence of an infamous, cannibalistic killer on the loose -- all but one. The entrances to your room were left absentmindedly unlocked, practically welcoming unwanted visitors inside your sanctuary.
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