The Best Time-Saving Camping Hacks

A camping trip can help you to connect with nature and give you the time you need to relax with friends and family and just recharge your batteries. And for some, roughing it in the backcountry is a big part of the fun. But there’s also nothing wrong with bringing along supplies and gear that can make your next camping trip much easier on you and the whole family.

We’ve included some great camping hacks that you can use on your next outdoor adventure, for a trip that includes some of the best comforts of home.

Make Your Own Lantern

If you want to make a lantern on the fly, all you’ll need is a jug of water and a headlamp. You can use any type of translucent bottle for a great lighting effect that will brighten your campsite at night, instantly. Once it gets dark, grab a headlamp, strap it to the bottle so the light is placed inward and the water bottle will instantly transform into a bright glowing orb for the perfect ambient lighting.

Use Sandpaper for Your Matches

On any camping trip, your box of matches will be indispensable. But life happens and the strike pad wears down too quickly or the matches get left out at night so you’re left with soggy matches in the morning. To prevent this, take a piece of sandpaper that has adhesive on one side and stick it to your matchbox. The sandpaper should be placed on the inside of the lid, which will waterproof the interior of the box.

Protect Your Backpack from the Elements

When you’re camping, whether it’s morning dew or a spring shower, the weather can be very unpredictable at times. If you want to avoid your gear getting soaked during the night before you fall asleep store your bags in large lawn trash bags. This is a cool trick and one that won’t cost you much, unlike expensive fancy backpack covers.

Silica Gel Packets will Come in Handy

Silica gel packets come with most products these days, and instead of tossing them out, you can put them to use on your next camping trip. Store these packets with your cast iron skillets in order to prevent moisture rusting them between use.

Always Be Prepared

Make an extensive checklist when you’re preparing your trip to make sure no important supplies or gear gets left behind. Be sure to include the supplies you’ll need for these simple hacks and always remember to prepare for the worst in terms of weather. This means bring along plenty of tarps and trash bags to protect your tent and supplies in the event of an unexpected shower.

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