Camping Tips for Beginners

Tent camping provides a relaxing escape from our normal chaotic lives, allowing us to spend time away from home, simply enjoying nature. However, in order to make your next camping trip enjoyable, you need to bring along the right gear, otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of the backcountry, totally unprepared.

Practice Assembling Your Tent

Heading out to the backcountry and enjoying a week of roughing it in nature can be a relaxing experience for the whole family until it’s not. If you’re a beginner, you should head out for your trip feeling confident that you know how to use and set up all of your camping gear, including your tent.  

But for many beginners, setting up a tent can be one of the biggest challenges, especially when it comes to large tents that sleep four or more.

Because of this, we recommend practicing assembling the tent at home, often enough that you’ll leave the house feeling confident that you can set up your tent in just fifteen to twenty minutes.

You don’t want to end up in the middle of the backcountry with ten minutes of daylight left trying to set up a new tent. Otherwise, you may be forced to spend the night sleeping under the stars. Begin practicing a week or two before your big trip and go through each of the steps until you’re able to set the tent up without relying on the instructions.

Plan Where You’ll Camp

Whether you’re camping at a campsite or in the backcountry, know exactly where you’re headed before you leave the house. Nothing is more stressful than driving around at the end of the day, in a hurry to find a spot to set up your camp before you lose light. Most campsites these days will allow you to reserve a campsite online. In terms of backcountry camping, scope out the perfect spot to camp, before your trip.

Make Meals Ahead of Time

Just because you’re camping out and won’t have access to your kitchen appliances doesn’t mean you should have to suffer in terms of food quality. If you’re not someone who enjoys eating beans out of a can and hotdogs, then plan your meals ahead of time. These should be meals that are easy to cook over a fire. You can make simple dishes, such as chicken kabobs and peppers, prep the meal and package it, and you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner of freshly roasted chicken in a matter of minutes. If you’re new to camping, make sure you check out camping forums for easy, fast meal ideas.

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